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Fun Stuff

Elk Hunt06.JPG (314650 bytes)     Elk Hunt10.JPG (254744 bytes)

Elk Hunt 2000- Bill Nash and his first Bull... a very successful hunt!

Henson Hunt 12-12-014.JPG (173243 bytes)     Henson @white deer.jpg (60186 bytes)

Bill Henson (Shop Foreman) and his wife Tina with some nice blacktail! How about a picture of a abino Blacktail? (Thanks to Tina Henson).

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy...

Misc. 4-19-20021.JPG (261865 bytes)     1-17-20031.JPG (476857 bytes)

Getting ready to ship out canopies for Autzen Stadium.       You can't get very far if the tires don't touch!               (You wouldn't want to meet these guys in a dark alley!)

     bigfish.JPG (657844 bytes)    Eric's Fishes.JPG (1811170 bytes)

Eric Neal and his catches of 2002. First picture is a fifty plus pound chinook (almost bigger then him!), second is his first Steelhead of 2002 and third is his first fall Chinook.

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